From Europe With Love: Spanish Wine Site Gives 14 Keys To US Sales

A little perspective never hurt.


Spanish-language wine site Vinetur released last week a list of 14 tips for selling wine in the United States. The list includes interesting insights into the habits of wine drinkers in the United States from a European perspective.


“Wine is the alcoholic beverage most consumed between adults in the United States with a 44 percent share of the market,” Vinetur reported, quoting a 2013 Wine Market Council study.


The article begins with a brief overview of the US’s production numbers – California produces 87 percent of the country’s wine, the article said, followed by Washington at four percent and New York at three percent.


“Even though the market is dominated by domestic wines, French and Italian wines have been amply introduced in the past four years,” the article said. “Also, the strong growth of imports of Australian, Argentine and Chilean wines in the last few years stands out.”


The article then moved to the aforementioned 14 tips.


“The per-capita consumption of wine in the United States continues to be lower than other countries with older vinicultural tradition,” the article said. “Yet meanwhile the consumption between the countries with older vinicultural traditions is decreasing, while the United States’ consumption continues to increase.”


This presents the opportunity for growth in the United States market for European producers, the article said.


America’s thirst for wine hits its peak in October and November, the article said.

“The best months to enter the U.S. Market are, from better volume to worse volume of sales by North American importers, are October, November, May and June,” the article said.


Quoting the 2013 Wine Market Council study, Vinetur noted that women are the principal consumers of wine in the United States. 


Of the about 100 million wine drinkers in the United States, 60 percent of them are women and 57 percent of them drink wine once a week or more.


Furthermore, the article said, women normally make their wine purchases at grocery stores.


In terms of age, Baby Boomers are the biggest consumers of wines in the US, the article stated. The 49-67 year-old generation represents 40 percent of regular wine drinkers, according to a 2014 Wine Market Council report.


The Vinetur article also noted that American wine drinkers prefer still, non-fortified wines. 


“The preferred wine of American consumers is table wine, which captured 91.68% of consumption in 2012,” the article said.


Within the table wine category, the article said as it quoted a The U.S. Wine Market study, Americans prefer white wines over red wines at a rate of 45.04 percent to 44.28 percent.


Of note is that Americans purchase eight out of 10 wine bottles from grocery stores, Vinetur said.


The article pointed out California is the state which consumes the most wine, while Washington D.C.’s residents consume the most wine per person, the article said.


Original: Snooth – Articles


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