Viva L’Italia! Gala Italia Wine & Food Trade Festival Set For 30th year

Food and wine are two things you’ll never run out of in Italy.


For those in the wine trade, experiencing the finest of the country’s corked and cooked will not require a flight to Rome but a journey to Manhattan’s Pierre Hotel on February 19, on which day Gala Italia will commence for its 30th anniversary.


The trade-specific exhibition organized by the Italian Wine & Food Institute (IWFI) will showcase of host of wineries, a recent release by the Italian Wine & Food Institute said.


“Exceptional quality Italian wine will once again be brought to the forefront of the grand stage of New York,” the release said. “This annual event … involves the participation of the leading and most prestigious Italian wineries.”


Of particular importance at the upcoming festival is the gala’s Wine & Food Tasting. The tasting will take place in the Pierre’s Grand Ballroom. More than 1,000 select food trade representatives will be in attendance, the release stated. 


In honor of the event’s 30th anniversary, each wine producer who attends the event will present a special vintage specially selected for the exhibition.

A jury of American judges will review the wines and give a “Certificate of Merit” to the best wine from each producer.


In addition to the Certificate of Merit, wine and food producers both will be able to win a Special Award of Merit for wine and food which “represent Italian (excellence) in the world”, the release said. 


The event is purported to be the only such event in the United States which promotes Italian food and wine with this magnitude.


In a 2012 release, IWFI President Lucio Caputo highlighted the uniqueness of the event.


Gala Italia is “the only major initiative remaining the in the USA that promotes Italian wine, food and gastronomy, and has significantly contributed to the image and diffusion of each of these important sectors throughout the years,” he said. 


According to the IWFI’s website, the organization is a non-profit organization based in New York City which “strives to educate American consumers about the high quality of Italian wines, food products, and gastronomy by organizing educational and promotional events and public relations activities.”


According to the United States Department of Commerce, Italian wines led the way in US imports, accounting for 29.2 percent and $1.5 billion in market share, followed by France and Australia.


Credit: Snooth – Articles


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