Open Wide! Wine Mouth Spray Draws Chuckles, Cheers

It’s not exactly a breath freshener.


This past week Lithuania-based advertiser McCann Vilnius launched a line of wine called “Bouche bée” –  French for “wide mouth”. The wine comes in tiny spray bottles more popularly used for breath freshening products.


“The best mouth freshener of all time is here,” McCann Vilnius’ Facebook page stated in a Nov. 20 status update.


The spray bottle itself is black with a black label which includes the name of the product. The bottle is housed in a box highlighted by brightly colored flowers, the product’s name and the translation, “Wide mouth.”


According to one food and wine industry source, the concept was developed for the company’s yearly beaujolais nouveau event.


Reaction to the release of the product has been a mix of tongue-in-cheek one liners as well as praise for the cleverly designed wine dispenser.


“Treat yourself to a quick spray whenever you’d like, while the discreet packaging wont’ make anyone the wiser,” food website Food Diggity said about the new product. “That is, until your teeth turn purple from over-spraying.”


Design website Design Taxi tagged the novelty an “ingenious” offering “if you feel like indulging in a quick shot of booze during a slow day at the office.”

McCann Vilnius offered their own take on the product via a self-promotional piece released through industry website Packaging of the World.


In the release, the ad company employs the same tongue-in-cheek tone found across several news outlets which reported the company’s novelty.


“It shouldn’t come as a surprise that advertising people love drinking (or as we call it – tasting). Sadly, it’s highly NSFW (not safe for work,” the release stated.


The company goes on to say that the floral design employed on the bottles is a nod to the wine’s bouquet, while at the same time doubling as an innocuous container for wine.


“It’s not only the way to hide your alcohol conveniently, but also helps to rediscover the best part of beaujolais wine – its distinctive smell reminds you of freshly picked flowers,” McCann Vilnius said in their piece.


The spray bottles are the latest packaging release in a line of uniquely designed beaujolais nouveau containers. Past releases have include paint cans and “blood bags”.


“Every year McCann Vilnius remakes packaging for (the wine) as a way to tell that, like a young wine, our mind and ideas are always fresh and constantly refreshing,” the company said.


Hat Tip To: Snooth – Articles


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