Oh, Virginia! International Wine Writers Visit State’s Wineries

Old Dominion is getting renewed interest in its growing network of vineyards.


Earlier this month, the Circle of Wine Writers, a well-known international group of wine writers, journalists, photographers and experts visited Virginia’s Nelson County to tour the region’s wineries four year’s after the groups visit to the area in 2010. 


According to Nelson County news outlets, a dozen members of the Circle of Wine Writers stopped in Nelson County as part of a multi-region tour of the state.


The experts toured the state from Nov. 2 to Nov. 9, according to local sources, and stayed in the Nelson County area for three days.


“We’re very proud to have been chosen,” Nelson County Tourism & Economic Development Office Director Maureen Kelley told Blue Ridge Life Magazine about the visit. “The is the top of the Virginia Circle of Wine Writers along with international wine writers from overseas.”


The publication noted that the Circle of Wine Writers visited Nelson County’s Veritas Winery. The winery is, according to the region’s Nelson 151 association, one of seven wineries in the area. 

Veritas’ General Manager George Hodson told the Nelson County Times the wine writers’ second visit was an important event in the region’s timeline.


“Their opinions matter, so having them talk about the wineries in Nelson County increases the likelihood that wine travelers will come here to Nelson,” Hodson said in an interview with the Times.


In the Circle of Wine Writer’s article about their 2010 visit, the association said the Virginia wine scene was off to a great start.


“The quality of Virginia wines compares well with that in most other wine producing areas in the world,” the writers concluded in their story. “The Virginian wine industry is still in its infancy and on a learning curve – it didn’t take long to suss out the special qualities the Virginian soil can give to Viognier and Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot and Gros Manseng may find their way into the hearts of man to a great extent than in their original provenance.”


The article went on to say the trip was enlightening for the Circle’s members.


The trip was “superbly” put together, the article said, and the state’s improvement in the past 220 years was rapid.


“I am sure that if we are invited again in just a few years time we will experience an even greater geometrical progression,” the article said.


The state is home to seven American Viticulture Areas. According to the Wines and Vines’ U.S. Winery Database, Virginia is fifth on the list of states with the most wineries in the country with 248.


Original: Snooth – Articles


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