Off to Portugal for a Drink


After a couple months of busting my rear for the day job, today I get the opportunity to enjoy one of the perks of my night job. I’m headed to Portugal for a whirlwind orientation to that country’s wine regions. The Wines of Portugal organization is bringing myself, a couple of other journalists, and a mixed case of sommeliers (that is the proper collective noun is it not?) over for some extended maceration in several of the country’s wine regions.

As it is my first time, I thought this kind of trip would be the thing to do. We’re getting a rapid fire intro to everything from Madeira to Vinho Verde and everything in between over the course of a week.

You can expect to see some coverage of my trip here on Vinography, on my Instagram and Twitter feeds, and then more when I return.

Com liçensa, Tchau!

Photo of the Douro courtesy of Bigstock.

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Credit: Vinography: A Wine Blog


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