British Columbia Vineyard Valley’s College Offers Wine Workshops

They’re crazy for wine in British Columbia.


Okanagan College, located in B.C.’s premier winemaking region of Okanagan Valley, has released a list of wine-related workshops which will take place starting this month and extending through October to January.


The new workshops are part of the school’s Food, Wine and Tourism program and offers “a bounty of general interest events and courses for the wine and food enthusiast,” the school’s website says.


This past week the college began its “Understand Your Palate with B.C. Food and Wine” course, in which students can “gain a better understanding of (their) palate and our bountiful region.” The course teaches students “how to taste and assess wine, and experience wine and food pairings that showcase local products and producers.”


The program’s website says the weekly class is a great introductory course for students young and old who are new to the wine world.


Also in session is the “Wine Appreciation” course, in which students learn to judge and taste wines “in order to squeeze the most from your wine-buying dollar.” The course covers an overview of the wine industry and includes tastings of international wines and wines from British Columbia.

October marks the beginning of a series of wine tasting workshops at the college. The Food, Wine and Tourism department will offer varietal tastings with food pairings for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 

The workshops will take place from 7 pm to 9 p.m on Oct. 7 and Oct. 14, respectively.


On Oct. 8, British Columbia wine lovers can participate in the “Classic Pairings with B.C. Wine” workshop, in which participants will learn the logic behind classic wine/food pairings like Champagne and caviar or Cabernet and black pepper steak. The instructor will also present several British Columbia wines function well in classic wine/food pairings.


Classes for the more technically inclined will begin in January and are part of the college’s wine industry vocational course program. 


“Sensory Evaluation of Wine” is intended for participants from the wine industry both professional and amateur, as well as hospitality and quality control professionals.


“Various sensory evaluation methods designed to evaluate and characterize wine objectively will be demonstrated,” the program’s site says.


Participants will also learn about discrimination tests and descriptive methodologies.


The workshop begins on January 12 and ends on February 2. Classes are three hours long. 


More information about the series of wine-related workshops is available on the Okanagan College website.


Photo Credit: Okanagan College

Source: Snooth – Articles


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