New Asian Wine Association Debuts at HKTDC Fair

This past week’s HKTDC  International Wine and Spirits Fair offered more than just a few good drinks.


It was at the yearly event that Asian winemakers launched Asian Wine Producers Association, a group of wineries and winemakers from 13 different Asian countries.


Although the the association was initially started at the 2013 HKTDC International Wine and Spirits Fair, it did not officially begin its activities until this month, the association’s website says. 


“The AWPA is an alliance of Asian wine producers, whom from vine to wine represent the new Asian wines,” the site says.


The association’s steering committee includes six members: wine writer Denis Gastin, Thailand winemaker Visooth Lohitnavy, I.B. Rai Budarsa of Bali’s Hatten Wines, Cecilia Oldne from India’s Sula Vineyards, Japanese winery Chateau Mercian’s Fujino Katsuhisa and Jim Sun of China Wine Online.


Gastin is a long-time advocate of Asian wines. According to his website, Gastin helped with the Australia Wine Promotion Program in the mid-80’s in Japan while he worked at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo.

He is a correspondent for a Japanese liquor trade publication as well as a columnist for a Korean wine magazine.


Oldne has a background in international business, marketing and wine writing and wine judging, Sula Vineyard’s website says. 


“Cecilia earned her stripes to become … the company’s voice and face today, representing Sula in India and across the globe,” the site says.


The website also notes that Cecilia supervises the winery’s communications, exports and imports.


The committee oversees a network of member wineries which, according to figures listed on the association’s website, total more than 1,100. 


China’s is the associations biggest member with about 800 wineries. Japan is second with about 200 wineries. About eighty wineries from India are represented in the association. Korea has about 25 wineries in the association. Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia round out the association’s memberships with about 30 wineries. 


The association is based on six mission statements. Two of the statements read, “Allow Asian Wine Producers to exchange and obtain global industry input,”and, “Create an Asian owner, winemakers and vineyard manager’s forum, and a space for Asian wine makers to share and exchange.”


The association’s members must grow locally grown grapes.


“From vine to wine, Asian Wine Producers are wineries across Asia which own or manage vineyards and produce grape wine from locally grown grapes,” the site says. 


Via: Snooth – Articles


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