Napa Valley Language Duo Launches Wine-Industry Classes

In a wine world where Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina and Chile have joined long-time wine titan Spain on the world-class wine stage, the ability to speak Spanish and English is becoming a necessity for many industry professionals.


To meet that need, Napa Valley’s Josefina Adriance and Sonoma County’s resident Dorothy Rudy– both Spanish experts – have launched a “Spanish for the Wine Industry I” course which will begin in January .


Classes will be held once a week from Jan. 15 to April 9. Deadline for registration is January 2.


“Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to communicate in Spanish practical information related to vineyards and wineries, give and take instructions,” the program’s website says, “and respond accurately and comprehensively to questions related to vineyard and winery tasks as well as to accident or injury issues.”


The course is for the beginning/intermediate level, and has a strong emphasis on oral and written communication, the site says. 

Adriance and Rudy will also offer “Spanish for the Wine Industry II”, a second-level class which will review the first-level principles as well as focus on working in a winery, human resources and working in a vineyard. The class will take place two hours a week for seven weeks.


The program uses books written by Adriance. 


In interview with the Napa Valley Register this past week, Adriance said students jump right into their industry-related vocabulary.


“From the first day we use vocabulary and situations pertinent to the vineyard, the winery and the human resources department,” Adriance told the Register.


The courses will also cover several other aspects of the wine industry, including soil, bottling wine tasting. 


According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine’s 2014 harvest report, three of the top-10 wine producers in the world in 2014 are Spanish-speaking countries: Spain, Argentina and Chile.


In fact, of the top-10 wine producers in the world, only English matches the total of Spanish-speaking countries: the United States, Australia and South Africa. French, Italian, German and Chinese are the other four languages included in the list.


The winemaking trio of Spain, Argentina and Chile have a total population of just over 100 million people. 


In addition to the “Spanish for the Wine Industry” course, Adriance and Rudy also offer “English for the Wine Industry” courses.


Source: Snooth – Articles


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