New Chandon Sparkler To Release Nov. 1 in U.S.

Moet Hennessy is looking to sweeten the pot.


The Champagne and cognac giant is sweet to release Delice, a semisweet sparkling wine, the first of November in Texas and Florida. Moet is expected to open Delice to national distribution in February. 


The sparkling wine is a combination 45-45-10 split of Napa Valley-sourced Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Moet executives are hoping the new offering will appeal to millennials, an age group which marketers have identified as a crucial generation for winemakers who want to maintain growth in the United States.

Moet CEO Jean-Guillaume Prats has said Delice can be used not only as a sparkling quaffer, but also as an addition to cocktails. 


The flexibility of the forthcoming product should attract the attention of the younger generation, Prats noted.


The release of Delice should have an impact on Moet sales in the United States. According to research firm Impact Databank, Chandon sold 400,000 cases of product in 2013. Chandon expects Delice to boost that number to 500,000. 


The American release of Delice is part of a worldwide initiative in which Moet creates Delice for certain regions of the world based on those regions tastes. 

The semisweet sparkling wine will be available in Argentina and will include late-harvest grapes. A Brazilian version of the product will be called “Passion”.

Reviews of the product have noted it’s light flavor and mild sweetness. Preliminary cocktail suggestions include mixing Delice with orange peel, cucumber or basil. 


Photo Credit: Planeta Joy

Source: Snooth – Articles


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