Kosher Wine Partners With International Distributor

Things are looking up for a niche wine company.


Earlier this month kosher wine and spirits producer L’CHAIM signed a contract with Italian distributor Enovation Brands, a move which experts have said will further the mission of both companies to provide “innovative solutions” for adult beverage consumers.


“We reached a stage where we needed a strong partner who understood our vision, shared our aspirations and recognized the potential of the brand, and, we realized this in the US importer of one of the largest, and most respected winemakers in Italy,” L’CHAIM CEO Ralph Mizraji said in a press release.


The move is a comprehensive one for L’CHAIM, who will benefit from an expanded supplier base, improved logistics, better marketing and higher sales, the release said.

“This immediately catapults L’CHAIM to a new level, expanding their reach not just in the U.S. But internationally,” Enovation CEO Giovanni Pecora said in the release. “This alliance opens up avenues to procure kosher Italian wine of the highest quality.”


Of particular importance to both companies is L’CHAIM’s plans to launch a new kosher Passover wine to younger wine drinkers. 


The company employs a millennial-focused marketing campaign emphasizing modernity, style and luxury.


L’CHAIM’s wine is available in a variety of well known American retailers. Their products include “To Life”, an Italian kosher box wine.


“L’CHAIM proudly presents this special series of fine wine, handcrafted in Italy,” the company’s website says of it’s Italian wine. “Satisfy your sense, delight in the remarkable tones, enjoy the blissful aromas and most of all, savor the extraordinary flavors and taste.”


In addition to its kosher wines, L’CHAIM also sells kosher vodka.


Source: Snooth – Articles


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