How to Pair with Great Wines!

This is of course a bit biased, and I didn’t even include three of my favorite wines, Bordeaux, Chianti, and Barbera, but the point here was to try and highlight what i think are the greatest wines made on earth, which are not necessarily the most commonly consumed. I’ve also tried to spread the love around and while two of my picks are from France, they could just as easily been all Italian!

The point of this article is not only to highlight my favorite wines, but to offer suggestions as how best to pair these wines. Great wines are generally at their best when paired with a dish that makes the sum greater than the parts. There is something magically about a great flavor combination, and they can come from some surprising places as witnessed by last nights Peking Duck paired with 2002 Olga Raffault Chinon. The green notes of the Chinon found a brilliant partner in the green onions included with the peking duck. the pairing was a bit out of left field but turned out to be brilliant!

The following pairings might be a bit more mainstream but they offer an equally brilliant potential for joyous dining. I hope you enjoy them!

Via: Snooth – Articles


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