Sotheby’s Wine Auction Breaks All Previous Records

A recent Sotheby’s wine auction in Hong Kong has broken all previous records for the most expensive lot of wine ever sold. With 114 bottles of Burgundy going for a whopping $1.6 million, the auction was indeed one for the books.


 Sources inside the auction house estimated a collection of Romanée-Conti – one of the worlds’s most sought after Burgundy labels, sold for the equivalent of $14,121 for each bottle or $1,700 per glass. The popular lot included six bottles of each of the 19 vintages sourced from the year 1922 to 2010.


The previous record for a single lot of wine was a staggering $1.05m for 50 cases of top Bordeaux Chateau Mouton Rothschild from 1992. The auction was also held at Sotheby’s in New York in the year 2006.


 “The Romanée-Conti super lot presented a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire an unprecedented quantity of the world’s most desirable wine. It is only fitting that it has broken the world record to become the most valuable single wine lot ever sold at a auction”, commented Robert Sleigh, the head of Sotheby’s in Asia.


However, it was not only the Romanée-Conti super lot that was whole heartedly welcomed by the wine lovers. A 66 magnum collection of Henri Jayer sold for $1.1m or $16,000 per magnum. The collection was purchased by the Silicon Valley magnate and Netscape founder James Clark. 


Sotheby’s declined to reveal the identity of the Romanée-Conti’s new owner.  


Source: Snooth – Articles


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