Grilling for a Change

So, here I am trying to compile a few compelling grilled beef recipes and you know what I find? A ton of Filet Mignon recipes. That is so 1960 folks. Today we’re grilling up the tough cuts. Well not really. I love a good Filet now and again but it has to be aged and funky to hold my interest.

Instead of the obvious cuts I’l find myself grilling up plenty of kalbi ribs, the rather unglamorously named flap meat(!), and flat iron steaks. I’ve even been playing around with boneless short ribs, a cut better suited to braising but when properly aged and cooked to perfection, which is quite medium rare, can be stunning!

So let’s get inspired. Grab a bottle of great Zinfandel, like one of the ones from yesterday’s little blind tasting write up, find your favorite  recipe, and just get grilling. I’m cooking up Kalbi ribs tonight, and a few lamb loin chops as well, but we’ll just keep that to ourselves now!

Via: Snooth – Articles


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