Great Value Sauvignon Blanc

Value among wines is of course relative, though there are a few factors that help keep prices down and values compelling. For example, the use of oak barrels adds to the cost of a bottle of wine and if you are able to move wines out of the winery quickly, and crop your vines so that they provide a robust yield, while not impacting quality of course, you can further reduce your expenses. Many grapes fit this model, but none faces a more competitive marketplace than Sauvignon Blanc. That means great values for consumers!

Sauvignon Blanc if a gorgeously refreshing wine produced in a small variety of styles, at this price point, that tend to emphasizes freshness, crispness and ease of drinking over complexity or winemaking style. All that translates into wines that offer huge bang for the buck at the lower end of the price scale. While the wines featured today are not among the least expensive, they do fall within the sweet spot for Sauvignon Blanc where quality starts hitting some impressive highs yet the prices remain under $15 a bottle, and mostly clustered around $12.
These are not big, powerful and infinitely complex wines but rather are the crisp, clean, fruit and acid driven examples that work wonderfully when the weather turns hot out. Chill a few bottles, prepare a nice casual lunch or antipasto spread and invite over your friends and family for a delicious treat by the beach, pool, or patio. That, after all, is what the wines are meant for, and what the do best. For a non fussy summertime evening it’s tough to beat great Sauvignon Blanc for value, and for fun!



Really very attractive on the nose with nicely layered roasted green chiles, a hint of jalapeno, cut grass ands sweet lemon and lime aromas. In the mouth this displays big acids up front supporting fresh and nuanced flavors of grapefruit and guava with some of the green herbal qualities emerging aromatically in the mouth. the texture is medium full bodied but rather seamless with a hint of austerity asserting itself on the backend as this flashes a hint of peach leading a moderately long and well focused finish. 89pts



Intensely aromatic with that classic gooseberry, cut grass, asparagus and grapefruit nose that typifies Marlborough Sauvies. Bright and juicy on the palate with good energy and attractive complexity to the asparagus and green pea framed fruit flavors that hint at peach then receded back into a more classic grapefruit and lime profile. Finishing with good length and lovely purity, this is quite delicious and very refreshing. 88pts



Creamy tones emerge on the nose followed by subtly sweet layers of fresh herbs, grapefruit, cactus leaves, hints of figs, and pithy citrus notes. elegant on entry and seamless with some riverstones early on the palate followed by a rich, slightly creamy midpalate filled with nuanced herbal accents over a core of slightly candied pink grapefruit and fig flavors. There’s fine acids here, though they are nicely wrapped up in the fruit and the herbal edge pops on the backend and leads to a somewhat modest finish. Fairly complex and bright I do wish for a bit more length here. 88pts



Tight and focused on the nose with gentle suggestions of white flowers followed by notes of lemongrass and lime. Seamless in the mouth with refreshing acidity and a touch of gravelly minerality supporting lithe, elegant green plum, lemongrass and green apricot fruit. this is lovely in a rather elegant style with a moderately long, zesty lemony finish. 88pts



Cut grass and hints of poblano chilies greet the nose followed by lemon and pineapple fruit. This is bright and zesty in the mouth with just a hint of trapped CO2 adding a little prickle on the tongue. the flavors are quite pure in this refreshing style with soft notes of slightly creamy pink grapefruit pith and lime blending on the palate and lingering nicely on the finish. 87pts



A hint of mint or tarragon greets the nose followed by dusty mineral notes, a touch of green tomato and some sweet apricot undertones. Lean and focused, this is rather austere style of Sauvignon Blanc with fine acids supporting a veil of green tomato and lime flavors. the texture here is attractively fresh and light, though the flavors are  clear and bright with a nice mineral note on the backend leading to a moderately long, clean finish. Pure and subtle on the palate with grapefruit flavors emerging with air. 87pts



A bit simple but intense on the nose with a one-two punch of cut grass and gooseberries. Simple on the palate as well though crisp and juicy with lovely if delicate fruit that shows flashes of golden raspberries surrounding gooseberry and grapefruit pith flavors. Finishing with a nice bracing edge and good length this is a bit small scaled by very refreshing. 86pts



Lots of cut grass and lime greets the nose along with a hint of white pepper. This is juicy and bright in the mouth with just a hint of fleshiness and relatively pure flavors of lime and gooseberry accented with a touch of green herb. A refreshing style that is simple yet bright with a lovely, refreshingly citrus limeade finish. 86pts



Peach pit and hints of minerality greet the nose followed by faint freshly cut grass and green fruit aromas with a hint of yeastiness. Broad and bit soft in the mouth, this is nicely transparent with soft flavors of white peach, lemon,  and green mango. A soft, and somewhat creamy style of Sauvignon Blanc, some bitter citrus oils appear on the backend, with a hint of salty minerality adding a touch of complexity to the modest finish. 86pts



Lightly aromatic with small grapefruit aromas and a nice streak of lime on the nose. followed by late arriving grassy notes. pretty crisp on entry if just a bit thick on the plate. This displays attractive white peach and citrus flavors in a medium full style with plenty of refreshing acidity. There’s not much follow through on the modest finish but this is varietal and fairly refreshing. 85pts



Lime and lemon emerge on the nose along with a touch of lemon verbena. Medium bodied, a bit soft and round for Sauvignon Blanc, this delivers clean slightly guava toned citrus flavors without any of the classic herbaceous character of Sauvignon Blanc. it’s easy to drink if just a bit heavy on the modest finish. 82pts



Subtle on the nose with vague herbal notes married to hints of mineral water and slightly candied lime and peach aromas. tart on entry and quite simple with a lemonade like flavor profile. There’s some weight on the palate but his is a neutral example of Sauvignon Blanc. Pleasant but no more and with very modest varietal character and almost no finish 80pts


Hat Tip To: Snooth – Articles


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