Who Loves Grilled Pork?

As we delve deeper into the grilling season it’s time for pork to take center stage. I love grilled pork, heck I love pork, though I tend to find my meat at local butchers and farmsteads since the supermarket stuff tends to be, shall we say underwhelming. One of the issues with pork, especially that supermarket stuff, is that it can tend to be try. This seems to be exacerbated by the desire to have everything be oversized when it comes to grilling.

Look I’m just as into big, thick slabs of meat as anyone out there but for my palate I would prefer something thinner and juicier to big, massive, charred and dry. Most recipes for grilled pork seem to start with meat that is either too dry, or too thick. Get your grill super hot, brine your meat, and use thinner cuts for the best results. Tenderloin is better than loin, and if you’ve got the time to grill, not barbecue, but grill up a shoulder you’ll discover grilled pork’s holy grail!

Via: Snooth – Articles


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