5 Killer Apps

Making party food can be tricky. It’s a balancing act, literally when your guests are trying to nosh with one hand, while drinking with the other. Triply difficult if your guests are Italian because they are faced with the three staffs of life, talking ( with hands of course), eating, and drinking and one will have to wait!

It’s also a balancing act for the preparer. You have lots of prep time you can devote to your party snacks, but ideally you want them to be easy to finish and serve for your guests. One can always default to sticking to cold apps for the party, but the truth is some nice warm bites tend to add a little luxury to any holiday soiree, and it’s time to start cooking for these soirees isn’t it? So lets track down five great appetizers for the holiday season!

Credit: Snooth – Articles


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