Planning for Winter

Cue the complaints. It doesn’t take long for the lamentations to begin. It’s cold. It’s getting dark so early. I hate winter, which has yet to actually begin in earnest. You know the drill. Temperatures threaten to drop below 40, while overnight lows are flirting with freezing,  and all of a sudden we forget the complaints lodged during the dog days of August. By all means keep on complaining, we all know what good that will do, but at the same time consider how you are going to deal with winter when it actually arrives.

You know the winter I’m talking about. Daytime highs flirting with the freezing mark from the wrong side of the line. Sunlight which seems perfectly timed to coincide with every hour you work, leaving you perpetually in the dark. Winds that blow through your gear like they were so many extra ply of toilet paper. Brrrrr! With that to look forward to what’s a guy to do? Start planning thats what. Half the world will be enjoying summer while we’re complaining in the dark, wiping our running noses, and wishing we could be, where?

Let’s take a look at a few places which might appeal to the freezing oenophile in all of us!

Via: Snooth – Articles


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