Luxury PVA Winners

Today we’re wrapping up our presentation of Snooth’s Top 100 wines of the Year.

Unlike other Top 100 lists, you the consumer have played a critical role in determining our list. 80 of the top 100 wines were chosen by you as your favorites of 2013, the remainder being selected by yours truly!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank our nominating committee who helped put together a terrific list of well over 1000 wines for us all to choose from.

Thank you!

Eric Guido – The V.I.P. Table

Jon Thorsen – The Reverse Wine Snob

Julia Crowley – WineJulia

Bob Fyke – Brunello Bob

Mary Cressler – Vindulge

In case you missed it our other winners can be found here:

2013 Top Value Wines – 22 Wines

2013 Top Premium Wines – 29 Wines

2013 Top Super-Premium Wines – 28 wines

Original: Snooth – Articles


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