The Wines of Argentina 101

Argentina has emerged as one of wine’s great success stories of the 21st century, which might be disappointing to the Argentines who have afterall been at this for several hundred years. None the less, today the selection of Argentine wines has never been greater, and to a large extent Argentina can thank mother nature for that. Blessed with a continental climate, limited rainfall and abundant groundwater, a variety of vineyard locations that include some spectacular high altitude plots, and young soils poor in organic material, Argentina has all the pieces to produce world class wines.

We all know that Argentine Malbec is one of the most popular wines at the local retailers, but have you ever wondered why?  Or what else is worth exploring from Argentina? Spend a few minutes with us today as we go over some Argentine basics in Argentina 101, the first in a series of intructive articles that will take a look at the wheres, whys, hows and whos of the world’s greatest wine regions!

Original: Snooth – Articles


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