Over And Over Again

I Remember The Way That You Move… Desperate Hopeful Regal Proud Pure in your desire to make me understand you….. I do you know, remember the way you move The way your voice spread through me The way you shared your soul Opened up to me and let me see…You Where you came from Where you might go What might await me should I wait… I will you know, I will be here hopelessly waiting Imperfections Unpolished Raw Just You…. Making my mouth water for Until… My fingers here, twisted and aching to tell everyone how perfectly not perfect you are.. My greed whispering in my ear, warning me not to share, to keep you for my very own.. The pulsing of muscles along my sides letting me know how deeply you have slipped beneath my skin The tightness of my ribs assuring me that the heart I once owned now beats at the hand and whim of another Cannot stop thinking of You… Stiff, fingers gripped and white as I think of the way you felt when my lips took you in Mouth wet and slippery, breath escaping my chest in tiny tufts, I was dominant until you arrived How…

Source: Samantha Sans Dosage


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