On Chasing Truffles

Sometimes you just can tell it’s not your time. Taking a look at pictures from Piedmont this time of year, those posted on social channels and sent by friends, convinced me that fall, as beautiful as it may be is not the time for me to be visiting. I’ve been outgunned by the truffle hunters. Not those actual hunters with mud on their rubber boots, but instead those commercial hunters arriving from parts north in the finest Italian coachwork.

My room is taken, and even if it were free would be beyond if not my means my comfort level. Being comfortable when one travels tends to be a fairly elastic concept. It’s easy to make sacrifices when the next star on the hotel door isn’t worth the extra bits of luxury. That’s what truffles are about of course, a luxury, and one that may or may not deliver what it promises. I have found truffles, even in Italy, to be an exercise in random theory. yet hit or miss, the best all roughly cost the same. If you’re going to go after this luxury, you might as well join the Europeans and make plans to be where the truffles can be best, pushing out all the less fortunate visitors as you track down truffles. Here’s a little guide to where that might be and a few truffle recipes  to satisfy the home chefs among us!

Original: Snooth – Articles


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