Enjoy Wine More

Wear sandals, short pants, short sleeves, always have a glass in hand, and always drink with friends.  I kid, but that would be a pretty good set of tips don’t you think! Works for me. 


Back to reality, and with the arrival of Autumn we’re leaving the freedom of summer behind us. I don’t know for sure, but I think there is something deeply ingrained in our psyche that makes this moment in time one where we refocus ourselves. It is no doubt a vestigial response to the return to schooling we all experienced around this time. We might as well go with the flow and if our brain wants to study something, well it might as well be wine!


The thing is, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around we’re already lollygagging, looking out the window and blowing spit balls at cute girls named Denise. If we want to make our study of wine stick, we’ve got to be at least a little serious. Not too serious of course because in that case this might become actual work and nobody wants more work. No, this is almost all for fun, and of course a little education. Education about the wines, sure, but more to the point it should be education about what we like and what we should be buying to increase the chances that we’ll like the next bottle we buy, and the bottle after that, and the bottle after that. It’s not hard, really it isn’t and these 5 super easy tips will make it that much simpler.


Source: Snooth – Articles


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