Grilling Skewers

Hosting a party is a double edged sword. On the one hand you get to control everything, the guest list, the date and time, and of course the menu, but on the other hand you have to actually produce the party, which means you might very well be stuck in the kitchen, or manning the grill, for the duration. Now that doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

There’s no doubt that this upcoming weekend is going to be rife with parties, thought whether or not it will be rife with happy hosts is open to debate. Do yourself a favor if you’re hosting friends this weekend, give yourself the freedom to enjoy your own party. Consider letting your guests cook what they want when they want it but throwing a smorgasbord of skewered delights. No more worrying about who like their meat rare or well, or who prefers red meat to seafood. Simple prepare an assortment of skewered meats, a fiery hot grill, and then stand back with glass of wine in hand as you spend more time with your friends and less time catering to your friends, though that may very well be why they’re your friends in the first place! Let the skewering begin!

Via: Snooth – Articles


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