Can you imagine being able to enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle in your cellar, without pulling the cork, or starting that bottle on a path to oxidation and deterioration?

Over the years, we wine lovers have all been inundated with pitch after pitch from companies trying to sell us wine preservation systems.  Some use pumps, some use gas and one even encases your entire bottle in a wine coffin, along with tubes reaching into your bottle like something out of Frankenstein’s lab.  In the end, no one seems to have been able to pull it off without a hitch.  Suction doesn’t last, inert gas isn’t perfect in an open bottle and not everyone can afford an Enomatic tasting machine.  After all the hype and sales pitches, I’ve resorted to decanting into a half bottle, corking it and keeping that half bottle in the fridge; but still, half the wines don’t last past 24 hours without degradation—until now, because we now have Coravin.

Credit: Snooth – Articles


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