Begging You

Can You Let Me Be Me? Be that me that only you can see Let me say what I want Feel what I need Let my heart fall out Watch as I unbutton slowly and step out from behind the cover of kindness Run your cold metal key along my armor and expose my gentle flesh Can You? Can you let me be the me I sometimes need to be? Will you run your tongue along my steel Let me shimmy and warm to your touch Hold my head while I tell you that I’m tired…. Tired of being strong A fighter Tough enough. Can you let me tuck myself into you Nurse from your soft and full nipple Remind me that I don’t care what they think Hold me tight while I writhe and curse Plant your calloused thumb across my lips Touch me just enough to inspire my legs, mind and heart to spread Can You? Will You? Won’t You… Please, I need you more than you know Now Tomorrow Yesterday Five seconds ago… I need You Now Hold me Fill me Reassure me Feed me Feel me Use me…. Kiss me goodnight Can You? Soon……

Source: Samantha Sans Dosage


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