The People’s Voice Wine Awards 2013

Following up on our great event last year, the results of which can be found here, 2012 People Voice Awards Winners, we are looking forward to the active and exciting voting on this year’s set of nominees. You can vote for 10 of your favorite wines each week.


We’ve selected this year’s set of nominees based on the value they deliver, their consistent quality and typicity. The wines were selected by the editorial staff of Snooth along with the following members of the nominating committee:


Eric Guido – The V.I.P. Table

Jon Thorsen – The Reverse Wine Snob

Julia Crowley – WineJulia

Bob Fyke – Brunello Bob

Mary Cressler – Vindulge


Vote for your favorites now!

One note worth mentioning is that several of the wines nominated for last year’s PVA have returned this year, but in a different price category. Recognizing that prices for wines vary year to year and region to region I have expanded the ranges of many of the categories to account for this variation.


One last note, Snooth’s Peoples Voice Awards is not vintage specific. You might have enjoyed a 2010 version of your favorite wine, while someone else is already enjoying the 2011. There’s no reason why you both can’t vote for it. So vote for the wine, not the vintage!

Original: Snooth – Articles


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