Our Moon…..

I needed to escape my living room tonight Needed to free myself from the confines of the regularity or reliability of my Wednesday evening Ached for the sound of the pond that runs through my apartment complex Hungering for a sound other than the canned noise that darts at me from the television screen Searching, I was searching for peace Probing for a connection beyond that of a life chosen Wanting to feel, needing to feel….something I waited as long as I could Tried to ignore the call that was scratching at my back Urging me to get up Walk out into the cold night air Feel my skin tighten My breasts constrict My lungs fill My need and your call were far too powerful for me to resist I’m coming, wait for me….. My body clad in pajamas and ankle socks The fingers of my right hand parted, stem between them….cold bowl of white wine resting in my palm The thumb of my left hand pushing the flat rectangular latch The click of the screen releasing its clasp My heart beginning to thump around in my chest The sound of my own breath diving deep into my lungs My chest…

Source: Samantha Sans Dosage


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