Might Be Too Much To Ask

“This is the last time, I brought full bottles this time and if you still don’t like them I won’t bring them back” a nervous sales rep that had made an appointment with me for early Wednesday morning but somehow failed to mention that he was also bringing his company’s import specialist/bully and a line of wines that he has been desperately trying to get placed at The Wine Country from like the second they landed the Fancy In The Pants brand, a line of wines I kicked out years ago…for a couple reasons. I grabbed my notebook, gave him a head-cocked grin and a shake of my smiling head as I made my way to the tasting room. Had to give it to the cat, that or feel for him as my guess was that he was getting some serious heat and pressure, big deep thumbs drilling his shoulders as to why this famed estate had no placement at The Wine Country….determination is a weakness of mine. You got it, I’ll at the very least listen and admire you for your RAWR. The last time I met with, oh let’s just call him Eric, he was freaking giddy as…

Source: Samantha Sans Dosage


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