Fine By Me

“Ahhh, there we go. This wine is so much better don’t ya think? Guess I’m just a California wine gal at heart” I stood there in front of a full class of people, listened to the lilting words of a very satisfied customer, the brown sugary sweetness of whichever domestic Pinot Noir we had just poured aggressively still clinging to my horrified palate, aching for the tart and, to me, fresh tasting wines we had poured just a couple flights before and all I could think was, “You like this huh? Well that’s fine by me. You can have my glass too!” Laurie, our domestic wine buyer and I had put together a tasting of Pinot Noir. Not a comparison per se but a showcase or perspective of Pinot Noir and how the place they are grown imprints itself on the finished wines. Part of me loves doing these events. I happen to love tasting wines from everywhere, regardless of what I personally buy and drink at home. I am a wine geek of the first order and tasting 10-12 Pinot Noirs, one of my most adored varietals, well shit howdy, count me in, but….well as much as I love doing…

Source: Samantha Sans Dosage


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